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We are partnered with Door Dash for deliveries. 
FYI.  They charge a service fee which is added into their menu costs, which is why it is higher than our menu costs for dine-in or take-out.  Please be understanding of that when ordering directly on the door dash site or app.

When ordering through this link it takes you to the Door Dash Storefront.  Which uses the same menu as the Door Dash Marketplace (app/their website).  There is no way to alter it and create two separate menus.  (I wish it'd be so much easier than explaining all of this, lol)  The thing with the Storefront is it offers the same ordering as the marketplace, however no service fee to us.  They do charge a delivery/service fee to the customer.  So, to combat the costs of the service fees marketplace charges us and keep the prices as close to our regular prices as normal we will have coupon codes active for Storefront orders which, in theory, eliminate the fee that the Marketplace charges us. 

The cool thing about this is orders are still placed the same and Door Dash Drivers deliver the food.  It just saves you on service fee costs when ordering directly through the link on our website vs Door Dash app/website.

So to try to explain this the best I can:
On Door Dash Marketplace (their app or website)
Flashbacks menu + door dash service fee = Door Dash Marketplace Price
     example: $10.00 + fee = $14.29
On Door Dash Storefront (what you see from the link above on Flashbacks' website) door dash price - Flashbacks Discount = as close to regular menu price as mathematically possible, then this price plus the Store Front fee of10% = Door Dash Storefront Price
     example: $14.29 - Flashbacks coupon = $10.00                  
                   $10.00 + 10% fee = $11.00
Both options also charge a delivery fee.We have no control over the fees they charge or their delivery times/drivers.This is just an option for those who want food delivered or who like to order online.
You can call us for take-out orders at (541) 574-1955 and Dine-In is available.
We look forward to seeing you soon!  :)